LPG Installations

//LPG Installations
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  • Installation of LPG kitchen systems, i.e. tank/cylinder installation, piping and cooker installation.
  • LPG meters installation, calibration, service and maintenance.
  • Installation, Servicing and maintenance of LPG cylinder filling machines (electronic, semi-automatic and manual)
  • Installation, servicing and maintenance LPG cylinder valve sealing machines (thermal and pneumatic)
  • Installation, servicing and maintenance of LPG pumps (stationary and vehicle mounted)
  • Installation, calibration, servicing and maintenance of digital cylinder weighing machines
  • Installation, servicing and maintenance of all types of LPG regulators
  • LPG Reticulation/ Pipework Installation.
  • Service and maintenance of all LPG installations/ equipment and LPG kitchen systems
  • LPG Vessels and Pipework pressure testing.
  • LPG Vessels and Pipework revalidation and recertification including hydrostatic pressure testing.
  • Supply of LPG equipment and accessories.
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